Cornell ChemE Car
Engineering - Problem Solving - Team Collaboration

Cornell University ChemE Car is a project team in which students of all majors work together to build several model cars purely powered and stopped by chemical reactions. After months of design, construction and careful calibrations, we compete each spring at the AlChE Northeast Regional Conference. If you have any questions about the team, including media inquiries and applications, feel free to contact us at


Cornell University ChemE Car is a student-run project team of approximately fifty members with the goal to build model cars entirely operated by chemical reactions. Since it started in 2004, the team has won first place in the AIChE Regional and National Conferences several times, and is currently preparing for the Northeast Regional Conference that will be held in the coming spring.

ChemE Car is one of several stellar opportunities Cornell students have to apply the theoretical principles they learn in class to real-life situations. All members work in smaller sub-teams to design and execute a specific aspect of the car. Following months of design, construction, and calibration, all these parts are put together to make the final car. The goal of each car is to carry a certain load over a given distance. Because the constraints (distance to travel, load to carry) are declared during the competition, our cars are designed to be quite flexible.

ChemE Car holds a record number of National Championships, taking home gold in 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2015.